Amanda Peckler is an aspiring multimedia editor, producer and artist from New York. She works across the mediums of video, audio, virtual reality, and web-based work. Using these skills, she crafted her own self-determined curriculum at Skidmore College in Multimedia Production. Amanda is especially passionate about using media-making as a tool for social justice, community-building and collective healing.

In 2017, she helped co-found a social justice platform and community called Pass the Mic, now going on Season 5, which airs live shows every Friday through WSPN 91.1 and is made accessible through their Soundcloud. Amanda helps manage and produce weekly episodes as well as foster relationships between the show and the greater Skidmore community. 

Beyond this, she has worked as an assistant and intern under award-winning filmmakers, multimedia artists, edu-tainment departments and production houses in every stage of the production process, preparing her for the dynamic and fast-pace world of media-making.