A Reflective Intervention (Director, Developer & Editor)

A Reflective Intervention (2020 – present) is an interactive documentary and transmedia project which documents and engages individuals about their core beliefs, reflecting on generational shifts in ideas and practices. This project invites young people belonging to Generation to define their most salient core beliefs.

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“…nothing short of a remarkable accomplishment in storytelling.. demonstrating technical mastery, artistic sensibility, and a unique convergence of a wide range of perspectives…challenges the audience not only to become active participants, but also to become cocreators of meaning, as you explore contemporary morality.”

– The Periclean Scholars Awards Committee

Public interactive installations paired with website, featured in “By Any Medium Necessary” exhibit in Saratoga Springs, NY:

Senses Gone (Co-Director, D.P & Editor)

Senses Gone (2018) is a post-apocalyptic, episodic, interactive film, that follows four characters as they grapple with the loss of their senses and a world reborn, where Mother Nature seeks her revenge. 

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Neshama: The Jewess Soul (Director, Developer & Editor)

Neshama: The Jewess Soul (2018 – Present) is a web-based, interactive diary and living archive that offers a deeply intimate and reflective space for Jewish women across different racial, ethnic and Judaic backgrounds to share their unique and eclectic stories, journeys, and perspectives on the ancient question of “What does it mean to be a Jewish woman?” The participants of this project are given space to represent themselves and create the self-image they believe to be most true about their Jewess body and soul, resisting the images given to them by oppressive social structures of sexism, racism and anti-semitism in the United States. This project asks of each participant to take part in a meaningful journey towards self and collective healing and liberation alongside myself and other Jewish women through sharing their stories and voices in the creative medium(s) of their choice.

This project is a work in progress and will continue to be a living, breathing archive to be added onto for years to come.

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Public exhibit images below from Beekman Street Showing in Winter 2018

Home: A Storytelling Video Game Experience (Poet & Developer)

Home is an immersive, walk-through experience and poetic retelling of a family home and its memories tied to it. Honoring a home once lost, it transports users into both the liveliness and stillness, joy and grieving, sound and silence that existed within so many beloved childhood homes. The Unity game experience features my own spoken word, guiding you through documentary-style photographs, found footage and audio recordings that fill the walls and invoke memories of my own childhood home.