Seen and Unseen (Director & Editor) (In-progress)

The “spirit” of Bali is one that is difficult to capture with words. It is especially difficult through one single person’s five senses. It is both the seen and unseen; heard and unheard. Often times, it is the dancers, gamelan players, and other performance artists of Bali whom hold the responsibility of conveying through movement and sound, the sacred stories and truths from the spiritual world to the physical one and vice versa.

In an increasingly more globalized world and tourism industry on the ride, how do these artists protect what is sacred? This film is an ode to Balinese performance art, told by Balinese performers across the island.

To view a photo essay connected to the project, please visit here.

WSPN Presents: NU-NOTE (Videographer)

Book of Blessings: Reclaiming Ritual in Modern Times (Producer & Editor)

Segment from my interactive documentary Neshama: The Jewess Soul featuring Rel, a young Jewish woman who embarks on an exploration of prayer language and personal ritual, born out her desire to connect more deeply with her faith. She takes us through the process of the blessings resting on her heart and the books made from her own hands.

Lost in Translation (Director & Editor)

This short documentary explores the daily experiences of three Skidmore International and ESL students and the very special and challenging relationship they have with language in and outside of the classroom.

Directed/ Produced/ Edited by Amanda Peckler

See full project here. PW: LostInTranslation